Welcome to Moodlynk!
A mood amplifying, ideas sharing and reward collecting platform that you are bound to fall in love with.


Moodlynk comes packed with features designed specifically on basis of multiple psychological researches and is meant to lift your mood up no matter how you feel today.

Chat with strangers

You’re only a stranger once. The more you talk to, the fewer there are. Open your world to different perspectives, bulldoze your barriers and lift each other up as you go along.

Mood Meter

The special one forgot your Birthday? Your favorite club lost the match last night? Your dearest GOT character died? Oh God! That’s sad. But wait. You’re not alone. Check the Mood Meter to know how many others feel the same way today .


Unlike any other chatting application in the world, we at moodlynk, give you towering rewards. Not monthly, not weekly but daily and we will continue to give out cash, goodies, hampers, vouchers and a lot more.

No Ads. Yes!!

We shall throw no ads, whatsoever, to pester you while you go through a positive mood swing. We hate ads no less than you do.

There’s more to rewarding than you must be wondering right now. At the end of each day, we sort out the list of top 20% users for the day, one, out of which is randomly selected for being rewarded heftily.

Why Moodlynk?

We stumbled upon the research and then we did some more!

All Right! You have scrolled a long way down. Thanks for showing interest. We won’t disappoint. Learn more about the incredible Moodlynk. Read How To’s or maybe FAQs for detailed insights.

Latest News

We try our best to keep you informed about what is happening in our world. Watch out this section for daily and weekly reward news, upcoming contests and winner information. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned!

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