How does rewarding work?

This is how our rewarding works..

At the end of day, our system generates a list of top users for the day, then out of which some of you are randomly selected for being rewarded. These rewards could be cash, goodies, hampers, vouchers, electronic gadgets or some mystery box.
There are rewards for everyone and on top of it, you can increase your chances for being selected for the reward. All you need to do is this as soon as you receive the message displaying Today’s Reward on your application; simply share it on your Facebook wall. And the more you engage with the application, the better it gets for you.
Once you receive the message stating that you have been selected, shouldn’t you share this message on your Facebook timeline to let everyone know that you have WON something and we shall contact you via emails and decide how we get the reward delivered to you.
Once you receive your reward, we hope you shall share the experience with your friends and family. You might post a selfie along with the reward and tag your friends. We will be delighted to see this gesture.

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