November 11, 2016


  1. I think I pretty much like the concept and I would love to try Moodlynk. However, I do not wish to link my Facebook or Google+ profiles to it just yet. How do I go along?

You are welcome to use the app by registering yourself as a fresh Moodlynk’er and filling up the form immediately post installation. Note that you would, however, not be eligible for receiving the towering rewards that are distributed every day unless you register using your Facebook or Google+ profiles.

Disclaimer: We do not store any Facebook and Google+ passwords

  1. I think I love the app. I want to link my existing Facebook account with Moodlynk. How to?

Simply share the reward announcement message on your Facebook/Twitter timeline and your profiles shall get linked to Moodlynk automatically. Once done, you can make the most out of the app by competing for rewards and more.

  1. How, exactly, does sharing updates on Facebook helps me earn rewards?

Shhh..This is a cheat! 😉 As soon as you share the reward announcement message on Facebook or Twitter timelines, our system adds some random points to your opened chatheads count. This significantly enhances your chances of being selected for rewarding as top 20% users for the day are sorted out.

  1. I am selected for being rewarded but I do not have a Facebook/Twitter account and hence am unable to share the message. What do I do?

Well! We are really sorry. Moodlynk requests you to share the message on Facebook/Twitter before it initiates the reward delivery procedure.

Having said that, creating a Facebook/Twitter account is probably the easiest thing in the world and you will anyway thank us later!

  1. No mood category in the offered list matches mine. What do I select?

Uh Oh!..We truly tried our best to add all mood states that we could imagine of. However, if none matches yours today, please select the one which is closest to how you feel and describe the rest in the text status that you shall update thereupon.

  1. Where’s my reward? It’s been long! L

If the reward is cash and you agree to get it in your account directly, the reward shall be sent to you within 2 working days.

If reward is a product or a cash envelop, we shall ship rewards altogether on weekends.

Still, if it gets more than 10 days that you do not receive your reward; feel free to reach out to us on and we shall take care of the rest.

  1. I have made a friend here at Moodlynk. I talk to her every day and for long. Does that help me for being the winner of the day?

Umm. Well actually No.

This is because the system, every evening, extracts the list of top 20% users who had maximum chat heads opened in the day. So, if you really like to talk to a stranger, there’s nothing better but to compete for that voluptuous reward, you need to entertain more strangers on the platform.

  1. How do I get my reward?

It depends on the nature of the reward.

If it is cash, you can get it transferred into your account or ask for a check.

If that is some goodie or hamper or some product, we shall exclusively ship it to your address wrapped in a cool gift wrap.

  1. What is the best reward that I can get at Moodlynk? How big do they ever get?

You mean in addition to some really great strangers turned friends and enhanced moods on a daily basis?

Okay. Would you like to have the latest Apple Iphone? Or a Dell laptop? Or some really hefty cash?:O

Well! At Moodlynk, there is no limit to the size of rewards. We shall keep surprising you with humongous rewards from time to time.

  1. A user is bothering me and I miss the blocking option in the app. How do you help me escape from this inconvenience?

Simply intimate us on and we shall take strictest actions possible against the user. Kindly be as detailed as you can while dropping a complaint.

  1. Why should I choose Moodlynk over more popular other chatting applications available for free?

Frankly, we will fail to list all the reasons for you to choose Moodlynk over every other chatting application available today but let us attempt with a few major ones.

  • No Ads, whatsoever!
  • Who else gives you such towering rewards? Or any reward for that matter?
  • You get to choose the direction in which you want to take the conversation because you choose the mood of the stranger you are about to chat with.
  • Whatever your mood, we guarantee we will enhance it for you if only you use Moodlynk honestly.

And the list shall go on until the end of time. 😀

  1. I am facing some errors while using Moodlynk. How do I get these resolved?

Please let our team know about it in detail. Contact us at

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