December 16, 2016

How to use Moodlynk

From day one that we stumbled upon the idea, the supreme priority has been to build Moodlynk as easy and convenient to use as is technologically feasible. You will be self-driven to get a hang of it within less than ten minutes of using it. Still if some doubts pop-up, we are drafting the complete flow of the experience right here for you.

Post installation setup

Fantastic! So you have Moodlynk installed on your phone. As you open it for the first time, it will prompt you to register. Registering is easy and you have multiple options available.

Option 1: Register using your Facebook account. We highly recommend choosing this option as you can reap all benefits. We do not store any Facebook Passwords.

Click on ‘Login F’
You shall see a disclaimer explaining the details that Moodlynk might receive from your profile. Edit the info that you are comfortable with sharing and Click on ‘continue as username‘ button. You are a registered Moodlynk’er and can make the most out of the app now! Congrats and Welcome aboard.

Option 2: Register using your Google+ account. This is easy but you might miss out on some features of Moodlynk. We do not store any Google+ Passwords.
Click on ‘Login G’. Select the account that you want to register in with.
You have been registered as a Moodlynk’er and you shall be redirected to the welcome page.

Option 3: We suggest you use this option only in case you do not have a Facebook profile or a Google+ profile or do not wish to use any of these profiles to register. We say so as you shall not be eligible for receiving the towering rewards we shall announce every evening.
Click on the Register (Add the grey button that shows up on the screen).
Do the following for filling up the form- (Add the screenshot of the form here)
Add a profile picture

  • Fill in your first and last name
  • Enter your DOB
  • Select your gender
  • Input your email ID
  • Set your account password
  • Click on Register.

You have been registered as a Moodlynk’er. Can’t you feel the vibe already? Go ahead and chat with strangers all you want! Kudos 😀

Setting up Moods

Once you have successfully registered yourself as a Moodlynk’er, you will be redirected to a screen where you will be asked to answer the warmest question possible; “How are you feeling today?”

To answer it:

  • Select the mood which essentially defines how you feel from the drop down box
  • Select an even specific category of the mood from the drilled down options from the next list
  • Explain in your own words, what makes you feel the way you feel.

You should always play honest and keep the app updated with your current mood as you go through your day. Don’t forget to update the app as your mood evolves.

You can always change the mood by clicking on the cutest Mood icon placed just above the Mood Meter.

Mood Meter

Mood meter is a dynamic real-time data analyzer that keeps computing and flashing the percentages of people living different moods at any particular point in time.

You can always realize that you are not alone. We hope this lifts you up a bit in the first place!


We often tend to surround ourselves with people like ourselves and we unconsciously develop a pretty narrow view of the world. Moodlynk urges you to get in touch with strangers having different mindsets, different perspectives of looking at things and hence offers you an opportunity to transform your life by bringing in and emitting out some optimism into the world.

For chatting with a stranger

Tap into a mood from the Mood Meter and check all Moodlynk’ers in the particular mood state.
Choose a stranger and initiate your chat with a greeting.
Share your feelings and stories and boost each other up as you go.

Choose carefully the mood of the stranger such that it helps cheer you up.

We are omitting the blocking feature as of now as we trust you enough for keeping the platform clean, upbeat and reviving as it is.

Competing for Rewards

Your darling section! Won’t you agree? 😀

At the end of each day, we sort out a list of top 20% users for the day, one of which is randomly selected for rewarding. You can enhance your chances of being selected in two ways.

Spread the word!
As you tap into the application, you shall see a pop up displaying the award for the day. You shall also find two options along namely ‘Share on Facebook’ (Add the blue button saying the same here) and ‘Share on Twitter’ (Add the blue button saying the same here)
As you share this message on Facebook, our system adds some random points (Number of chat heads opened) to your account as a thanking gesture for spreading the word. This instinctively augments your chances for being the lucky winner.
Exploit the app extensively
The top 20% users that are sorted at the end of each day are basically the users who opened maximum number of chat heads during the day.
You can organically approach towards towering rewards by actually using the app to the best of your potential.
The more you exploit Moodlynk, the better it gets for you.

Collecting the rewards

Once you receive the message congratulating you for being the Proud Winner for the day, you need to share the message on your Facebook timeline. We shall contact you through Email and finalize as to how you want to collect your reward.

The rewards on Moodlynk are no fake virtual points but real presents we shall get delivered to you at your door. A reward can be cash (Rs 100 to Rs 1000), goodies, vouchers, hampers, electronic gadgets or a mystery box [where we surprise you with something really (really) special].

If the preset reward is cash, you can intimate us about your preference for receiving it. We shall be comfortable in sending you the amount through online transactions, check or wrapping it up in a nice envelope and getting it shipped right into your hands.

To boost our morals up, once you receive the reward, we request you to share a selfie with the reward on Facebook. This would be immensely sporty of you.

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